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Community, Challenge, Discovery

A Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen UK/EU guild


We are a mature laid back guild that’s all about the journey. We want to be able to enjoy all aspects of the game with other pleasant like-minded people.

Who is Equinox?

We are a new chapter of an old guild that started back in the original Guild Wars. We took over what was Minions of Asgard Guild somewhere around 2011, later being re-named to Equinox in 2012. We grew into a full guild and carried on into Guild Wars 2. The guild has quietened down over the years which I think is mostly due to the dumbing down of current MMOs. Instead of uprooting my original members to the new site and forum you see here, I have decided to create it all new just for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.

What will Equinox be doing?

We won’t be rushing towards end game as fast as possible, or trying to make you do so. We are also not expecting everyone to be seasoned professional MMO gamers either.


What we will be doing is absolutely anything we want! We will be questing together, doing dungeons together, raiding together, hanging around doing nothing together and pretty much everything else.

Our Requirements


Willing to help others when needed, to join in with the community and be an overall nice person to be around.


We love it when we can get together as a team and do something epic! We know you won't be able to make every event, but we do expect that when you sign up for something, you arrive and on time or let us know you cannot make it.


Are over the age of 18 and have a mature mindset.

Who can join Equinox?

Equinox is open to ALL people from anywhere in the world that wants to join us, though we are primarily based in the UK. So if you’re from the EU or even the US, it doesn’t matter at all, we will be very happy to join up with you when you’re available to play.


If you are over 18 and have a no-drama type of personality, we think you would be perfectly suited to join us here.


We don’t care about your past MMO experience, or even how much you already know about Pantheon. We only require that you’re helpful and friendly to other guild mates and just simply want to have fun!


We also understand that everyone has a life outside of the game. Work commitments, children, pets and whatever else life throws at you, so we don’t expect you to have a consistent or high play time. We will be happy to support you when YOU can make it.


level 0 gnome summoner


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