A pantheon: Rise of the Fallen UK/EU Guild


A guild with equal footing.

We don’t consider our titles as ranks within the guild structure. We think of them as more of an internal tagging system so we can remember who people are. We don’t want anyone to out-rank anyone else.

No one has priority over others for invites into dungeons, raids or anything else.

For example, if Pantheon were to have a guild bank, the only section that’s not accessed by everyone* in the guild, would be the bank slot we use for items/money that will benefit all.

We hope by keeping everyone on the same level, it will bring out the best in people. Maybe someone has already been in a raid with the guild and there are no spaces left, but there is someone new to the guild that really wanted to come. The long standing member may sit this one out, sharing spots with someone else. Next time returning the favour.

*To protect the guild assets, the Initiate title will have limited access.

Guild Titles


The members who essentially own the guild.



Guides have a role within the guild, like running guild raids, organising social events or leading PvP groups.


Those who have remained dedicated to the guild, are able to be called Ascendants. Given to members who display trust and loyalty over a long period of time.


Once you’ve been with us for a little while, got to know us and we’ve got to know you, you become a full member of the guild. You are now on equal footing with everyone else.



Being an initiate doesn’t mean you’re at the bottom of the food chain. All this means is that you are new to the guild, so the other members need to make the extra effort to make you feel welcome. Minimum 30 days.

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